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10 Signs You Should See a Dentist

Dental problems are easiest to treat when detected early, so learn the warning signs. If you aren’t sure weather you need to see a dentist, here are 10 indicators that you should schedule an appointment right away.

You should see a dentist if:

10 signs you should see a dentist1. Your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
2. Your gums bleed when you brush or floss.
3. Your mouth always feels dry.
4. Your mouth has a spot or sore that won’t go away.
5. You have persistent bad breath.
6. You have pain when chewing or swallowing.
7. Your jaw pops often.
8. You have tooth pain.
9. You have a persistent bad taste in your mouth.
10. You don’t like the way your smile looks.

I have one of these symptoms. What do I do?

Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse. Schedule an appointment at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey as soon as possible. You can contact us online or by phone at (201) 425-1549.

And remember: Even if you don’t notice any symptoms, you may still have a condition that only your dentist can diagnose. So be sure to schedule regular dental visits throughout the year.

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