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Sunscreen for your lips to prevent cancer!

With all the beautiful sunny weather we have been having in New Jersey, remember to protect your lips with lipbalm.  The lipbalm you choose should have a SPF ( sun protection factor) of 5 or higher.  Many people do not realize their lips are as unprotected  and vulnerable to skin cancers as thier skin. The first sign of dangerous changes to your lips is a condition called solar  cheilosis or farmers lip/sailors lip. It looks like a persistant dry patch on the lip.  It is the first step of dangerous changes to the cells in the lips. We use the Velscope light in our office for oral cancer screenings.  Lasers can be used to remove the dry layers of tissue. Call us at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey  for an exam if you think you have this condition at 201-425-1549.

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