5 Ways to Wreck Your Teeth

We all want to protect our teeth. Yet every day, many of us unknowingly put our teeth in harm’s way. Here are four common mistakes we make when caring for our teeth. Avoid these if you want your teeth to last a lifetime.

1. Drinking sugary drinks.

Sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks contain loads of sugar that eat away at your teeth. So the next time you reach for that can of soda, try a glass of water instead.

2. Using your teeth like tools.

Using your teeth to open bags or unscrew bottle caps can cause teeth to break or crack. So do your smile a favor— use a bottle opener.

3. Not using a mouth guard.

Wear a mouth guard while playing sports like football, basketball, or skateboarding, where the risk of getting hit in the mouth is high. A mouth guard helps absorb the shock of getting hit in the mouth or jaw. Failure to wear a mouth guard can result in chipped or broken teeth, and even tooth loss.

4. Forgetting to floss.

If you don’t have a habit of flossing, start today. Flossing is essential to preventing gum disease and fighting tooth decay.

5. Skipping checkups.

Regular checkups can detect dental problems early and treat them before they get worse. So schedule your check up today.