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At Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, we blend the precision of state-of-the-art laser technology with the warmth of our staff, led by Dr. Richard Bucher. This synergy ensures that every dental crown procedure is effective and entirely pain-free.

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What Makes Dental Crowns Special?

These tooth-shaped marvels seamlessly cover a visible tooth, acting as protective guardians against further decay or damage. Their dual capability of enhancing aesthetics – by hiding imperfections like discolorations, chipping, or corrosion – and preserving function make them indispensable tools in modern dentistry. Plus, their versatility extends to anchoring dental implants and supporting bridges.

Choosing the Right Dental Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns offer a natural look and are perfect for front teeth, blending seamlessly with your smile.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

PFM crowns combine metal strength with porcelain's natural appearance, suitable for both front and back teeth.

Metal Crowns

Made from alloys like gold or chromium, metal crowns are durable and withstand heavy biting forces, often used for molars.

Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns provide interim protection and aesthetics while permanent crowns are created.

Gold Crowns

Gold crowns, with exceptional durability and biocompatibility, are often chosen for their functional benefits, especially for molars.

What to Expect After Getting Dental Crowns

Restored Functionality

Dental crowns promise a renewed ease in chewing and speaking, facilitating everyday comfort.

Unwavering Protection

Shield your vulnerable teeth from potential threats, mitigating further damage and enhancing oral health.

Aesthetic Excellence

Enhance the brilliance of your smile, fostering confidence with every beam.

Prolonged Dental Health

With their durability, dental crowns contribute to longer-lasting oral health, making them worth investing in.

Dental Crowns vs. Dental FillingsWhat's the Difference?

Dental crowns and fillings are both essential tools in the arsenal of dental restoration, each catering to specific needs. While dental crowns act as protective caps, covering the entire visible portion of a weakened or significantly damaged tooth, dental fillings are designed to mend smaller cavities or minor tooth decay. The choice between the two often hinges on the extent of the tooth’s damage: little or decay typically warrants a filling, whereas more extensive damage or degradation might necessitate a crown for optimal restoration.

Experience the Laser Dentistry of North Jersey Difference

The Mastery Behind Dr. Richard Bucher's Dental Crown Process

Preparation & Comfort

Dr. Bucher begins by ensuring a pain-free experience by administering the appropriate anesthetic to numb the area.

Shaping & Tailoring

Depending on the tooth's condition, Dr. Bucher will either shape and contour the tooth to accommodate the crown or rebuild a significantly decayed or broken tooth using filling materials. The aim? To provide an optimal base for the crown's secure fit.

Experience & Aesthetics

With a legacy since 1991, Dr. Bucher's expertise in placing dental crowns is unparalleled. He harmoniously integrates your new crown into your natural bite, ensuring it fits perfectly and matches the shade of your neighboring teeth.

Experience CEREC® Technology
at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey

We’ve proudly embraced CEREC technology since 2005, among the pioneers in our area. Experience an innovative approach that seamlessly combines efficiency and superior quality in restorative care.

Swift and Efficient Procedures

Gone are the days of multiple visits and extended waits. From dental crowns and porcelain veneers to inlays and onlays, achieve comprehensive restorations in just one office visit.

Less is More

With CEREC®, experience the luxury of fewer injections and reduced drilling, all while ensuring that every minute at our office is time well-spent.

Precision-Driven Outcomes

Leveraging digital imagery, CEREC® crafts restorations that mirror your natural tooth. Enjoy repairs that are functionally robust and aesthetically impeccable, matching the authentic shade of your teeth.

Unwavering Quality

Embrace the synergy of ceramic materials and advanced technology. With CEREC®, each restoration is a testament to durability and aesthetics, promising you a resilient and radiant smile.

Dental Crown Excellence at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey

At Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, we’re not just about dental crowns—we’re about giving you the confidence that comes with a radiant smile. Reach out to discover the power of pain-free dental crowns in North Jersey. Please book your appointment with us and embrace a future of healthier smiles.