Advanced Teeth Whitening
in North Jersey

Step into a world of radiant smiles with Laser Dentistry of North Jersey – your trusted destination for advanced teeth whitening in North Jersey. As the foremost expert, we deliver exceptional results that redefine your smile’s brilliance. Say hello to a brighter future – schedule your consultation today by calling (201) 337-9496, and embark on your journey to a more confident you.

The Artistry of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, beyond its clinical implications, is a meticulous craft that harmoniously blends science with aesthetics. Just as an artist selects the perfect shade for a masterpiece, Dr. Richard Bucher of Laser Dentistry of North Jersey intricately tailors the whitening process to accentuate the natural beauty of each smile. This delicate balance, achieved through both technique and understanding, results in a radiant smile that is not just brighter but also captivating.

In the hands of an expert, teeth whitening becomes less of a procedure and more of a transformative art form.

Opalescence Whitening Take-Home, In-Office, or Combined Treatment Plans

Opalescence Whitening is a renowned name in the world of teeth whitening, known for its effectiveness and reliability. When it comes to achieving that coveted white smile, you have options. Let’s explore the choices available to you:

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Take-home whitening kits allow you to whiten your teeth at your own pace. Our customized kits include professional-grade whitening gel and trays tailored to your unique dental structure.

In-Office Whitening

If you desire quick and dramatic results, you may prefer in-office whitening. Dr. Richard Bucher and our team use Opalescence's advanced technology for a single-session, in-office procedure.

Combined Treatment Plans

The best of both worlds. For some, combining take-home and in-office treatments offers the ideal balance of convenience and rapid results. This personalized approach is designed to meet your specific needs.

Consultation Is Key

Dr. Bucher will evaluate your dental condition and discuss your goals to create a tailored whitening plan that suits you best.

The Benefits of Having White Teeth

White teeth extend beyond aesthetics, radiating confidence and enhancing your overall appearance. Discover the multitude of benefits a radiant smile brings, all within your reach at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey.

Enhanced Self-Assurance

Experience a boost in self-confidence as you flash a radiant smile, positively impacting your interactions and self-perception.

Youthful Appearance

White teeth are often associated with youthfulness, helping you maintain a youthful look that defies age.

Professional Presence

A bright smile can leave a lasting impression in professional settings, reflecting attention to detail and self-care.

Social Ease

Feel more at ease during social interactions as your newfound confidence shines through in every conversation.

Top-Notch Teeth Whitening at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey

Experience the pinnacle of teeth whitening excellence at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, where science meets artistry to create smiles that shine.

Meet Dr. Richard Bucher

Behind our commitment to excellence stands Dr. Richard L. Bucher, a seasoned dentist with over 28 years of experience in his home state of New Jersey. Dr. Bucher is not just a dentist; he’s a lifelong learner dedicated to staying at the forefront of dental and laser technology. His unwavering pursuit of knowledge is evidenced by his ongoing courses through prestigious institutions such as the Pankey Institute in Florida and the World Clinical Laser Institute.

Dr. Bucher has held laser certification for more than two decades and is affiliated with several distinguished dental associations, including the American Dental Association, the New Jersey Dental Association, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry, to name a few.

GLO Professional
Teeth Whitening Technology

One of our standout offerings is the groundbreaking GLO™ (Guided Light Optics) system for teeth whitening in North Jersey. Unlike traditional methods, the GLO™ system combines heat and light with a specially formulated whitening gel to achieve stunning results in less than an hour without causing sensitivity.

Quick and Painless

The procedure takes less than an hour, providing immediate and stunning results without discomfort.

Guided Light Optics Technology

GLO™ technology enhances the whitening gel's efficacy without causing sensitivity. After the initial treatment, take home the GLO™ mouthpiece and additional whitening gel for easy at-home maintenance.

Safe for Dental Work

The GLO™ system is secure for crowns, veneers, caps, and bonding. Say goodbye to messy trays and strips.

Unwavering Quality

Embrace the synergy of ceramic materials and advanced technology. With CEREC®, each restoration is a testament to durability and aesthetics, promising you a resilient and radiant smile.

Our Customized Opalescence
Whitening Procedure

When you choose Laser Dentistry of North Jersey for your teeth whitening treatment, you choose precision and personalization. Dr. Bucher begins by determining your current tooth shade using graduated porcelain tabs. This starting point allows us to quantify the progress of your whitening treatment so you know exactly how many shades your teeth have lightened.

Gum Protection

We use a rubber dental dam or apply a protective coating to your gums to prevent irritation.

Enhanced Exposure

Dr. Bucher may use a cheek retractor to expose the teeth for whitening.

Specialized Gel

A hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel is applied to your teeth.

Transform Your Smile Today with the Best Teeth Whitening in North Jersey

If you’re ready to unlock the true potential of your smile, Laser Dentistry of North Jersey is here to make it happen. Say goodbye to stained and discolored teeth and embrace the confidence of a radiant smile. With our top-notch teeth-whitening technology and the expertise of Dr. Richard Bucher, you’re in the best hands in North Jersey. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the bright, dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us now to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.