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A Closer Look: Dental Implants

While a dental implant steals the spotlight, beneath lies a marvel of engineering. Each implant is designed to bear the same functional load as natural teeth, with threads for optimal bone engagement and surface treatments to hasten osseointegration. It’s a harmony of design and biology.

What’s in Your Dental Implants?

The Titanium Post

Slides right into the jawbone, emulating the missing tooth's root and setting the base for what's next.


Think of it as the middleman; connecting the post below to the crown above, this piece ensures everything stays in perfect harmony.

The Crown

Your brand new tooth, sculpted to perfection, ensures it fits perfectly.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Health Benefits of Dental Implants

While dental implants undoubtedly revitalize your smile, their benefits aren’t just skin-deep:

Jawbone Preservation

Unlike other therapeutic options, implants stimulate and preserve natural bone, preventing bone atrophy.

Improved Facial Structure

They help maintain the shape and structure of your face, ensuring that sunken facial features are a thing of the past.

Optimal Oral Health

By filling gaps, dental implants prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, ensuring your bite remains aligned.

Replacement Options for Single and Multiple Teeth

Implant Insertion

A dental implant is skillfully positioned within the jawbone, acting as a solid foundation.

Custom Crown Attachment

A tailor-made dental crown is affixed to the implant post, resulting in a lifelike replacement tooth that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Dental Bridge Support

Employ a combination of two or more imbedded posts and a natural tooth, or two embedded posts, to provide stability for a dental bridge.

Partial Denture Stability

Utilize implanted posts to anchor and stabilize a partial denture, potentially requiring several posts for optimal support.

Comprehensive Teeth Restoration

Experience the security of an entire set of artificial teeth, achieved through strategically placing four to six dental implants.

Your Life After Getting Dental Implants

Regaining Everyday Moments

  • Rediscover Your Favorite Food: Savor every bite, from crunchy apples to juicy steaks, without hesitation or discomfort.
  • Speak with Assurance: Say goodbye to speech concerns. Form every word with clarity and confidence.
  • Smile Bright, Smile Wide: No more covering your mouth during laughs or photos. Flaunt a radiant, gap-free smile.
  • Simplified Oral Care: Brush and floss as you always have; no special care is needed.
  • A Lasting Investment: Unlike other dental solutions, implants offer longevity, keeping you company for years or longer.
  • Boosted Self-Esteem: A rejuvenated smile can do wonders for your self-image and well-being.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Starting with Dr. Richard Bucher, our passion and craftsmanship in dentistry stand out. We ensure meticulous application, providing the optimal shield for your teeth:

Gentle Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss around your dental implants just as you would your natural teeth. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to prevent scratching the implant surface.

Interdental Cleaners

Consider using interdental brushes or water flossers to clean hard-to-reach areas between dental implants and natural teeth.

Avoid Tobacco

Smoking or using tobacco products can hinder healing and increase the risk of implant failure. Quitting or avoiding tobacco is crucial for implant longevity.

Balanced Diet:

Maintain a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that promote oral health. Proper nutrition supports the healing of tissues around the implant.

Regain Your Everyday Moments With Professionally Made Dental Implants in North Jersey

When you choose Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, you choose a dental implant experience tailored to you. Our specialized approach combines expertise, innovation, and patient-centric care to bring you a smile transformation that’s second to none.

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