Children’s Dentistry

There are plenty of great advances in dental treatment thanks to the use of dental lasers. This is especially true when it comes to children’s dentistry. There are many misconceptions about family dental care and children’s dentistry out there, but that’s why we’re here. The team at our New Jersey laser dentistry center would like to take a moment right now to look at the basics concerning children’s dentistry.

What Children’s Dentistry Means

Children’s dentistry is a staple of comprehensive family dental care. Since children have different dental health needs as they get older, children’s dentistry is about monitoring the health and development of a child’s teeth and gums as they grow into adulthood. This can begin as soon as your child begins teething. What follows is a brief breakdown of a few of these changing dental care needs.

Dental Care Needs for Infants and Toddler

With infants, their teeth are only just starting to show up. Even during teething, meeting with a children’s dentist is a smart idea. The dentist will be able to make sure that the infant’s teeth are coming in straight. As the child ages and his or her baby teeth come into place, an Oakland, NJ family/laser dentist will continue to monitor health and development of the child’s smile while also establishing positive and educational experiences at the dental office.

Dental Care Needs for K-6 Children

As children get older, their baby teeth will begin to fall out and get replaced by budding permanent teeth. A dentist will again help build strong foundations in trust and education at each dental visit so their young patients understand that dental visits are good things. Some orthodontic care may begin around this time.

Dental Care Needs for Tweens

Tweens will often face some basic dental care issues as all of their permanent teeth grow in. During this time, it’s more likely that orthodontic care may be initiated. Dentists will also be sure to monitor for wisdom teeth and other dental health matters that may become issues later in the patient’s life.

Emergency Dental Care for Children

Accidents can happen at any age, which is why emergency dental services are part of comprehensive family dentistry treatment. For chipped or broken teeth, the use of New Jersey dental crowns, inlays, or onlays may be considered. For these urgent care needs, dental professionals will make sure each young patient has his or her dental emergencies addressed in as timely a manner as possible.

Laser Dentistry and Family Dental Care Treatments

One of the best things about pediatric/children’s dentistry at our practice involves advanced laser technology. Rather than relying predominantly on sharp tools and drills that may frighten young patients (and even adult patients), we use laser diagnostic and treatment tools. These laser tools will reduce the noises, friction, and bleeding many people associate with dental therapies. This means that patients young and old get better care in a setting with less anxiety.

Learn More About Comprehensive Family Dental Care

For more information about dental care treatments for your entire family, be sure to contact our Oakland, New Jersey laser dentistry center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible decisions about your dental care needs.