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Teeth whitening NJ

Reveal a Brighter, Whiter Smile: Teeth Whitening New Jersey

Teeth Whitening New Jersey Teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures performed today. In less than an hour, patients are able to whiten their smiles up to ten shades, achieving dazzling results that can last for years with proper maintenance.

To learn more about advanced teeth whitening, contact Dr. Richard L. Bucher in New Jersey today. His Bergen County practice is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art treatments, offering valued patients the very best in modern dentistry.

Quick, Comfortable, and Effective

Dr. Bucher NJ dentistWhen you arrive for your teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Bucher will begin by determining your existing tooth shade using gradated porcelain tabs. This starting color will be noted and used to quantify your progress after the treatment, telling you how many shades your teeth have whitened.

In order to protect your gums from irritation caused by the potent bleaching solution, Dr. Bucher will either insert a rubber dental dam to protect your mouth or paint your gums with a protective coating. He may also insert a cheek retractor to pull the cheeks away from the mouth, exposing the teeth to be whitened.

Dr. Bucher will then apply a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel to your teeth. The effectiveness of this gel is accelerated by exposure to a special light. Most patients are entirely comfortable throughout their teeth whitening treatment.

The results of your teeth whitening treatment will be visible immediately, so you will leave the office with a bright, dazzling smile. And since the entire process takes less than an hour, you may even be able to conveniently whiten your teeth on your lunch break.

GLO Professional

Dr. Bucher is recognized as an esteemed practitioner of laser dentistry, and his commitment to advanced technology is evident in all areas of his practice. While a number of teeth whitening treatments exist, Dr. Bucher’s New Jersey practice is especially proud to offer the state-of-the-art GLO system. Like other whitening processes, the entire procedure requires less than an hour, and provides immediate, stunning results without sensitivity.

Guided Light Optics technology combines heat and light to increase the efficacy of the whitening gel without causing sensitivity. It only takes a few minutes in our office, and after the initial treatment the GLO mouthpiece is yours to take home – along with additional whitening gel for easy at-home maintenance. This system is safe for crowns, veneers, caps, and bonding – and there are no messy trays or strips to worry about.

Is Teeth Whitening For Me?

Teeth whitening treatments are potentially ideal for people whose tooth stains are resistant to the normal efforts of brushing, flossing, and routine dental cleanings. In-office whitening treatments can remove stubborn discoloration caused by the consumption of darkly pigmented beverages—wine, soda, tea, and coffee, for example—and tobacco use.

In addition, the natural aging process can cause tooth discoloration as the enamel wears down, allowing tooth’s darkly colored core (“dentin”) to show through. A whitening treatment will restore teeth that have been discolored by age to a brighter, more attractive shade.

Learn More about Teeth Whitening

Reveal brighter, whiter teeth today with GLO! If you are interested in advanced teeth whitening, contact Dr. Bucher in Oakland, New Jersey to set up a personal consultation.

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