Full-Service Dentist in Wanaque, NJ

Welcome to Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, where your smile gets the star treatment in Wanaque, New Jersey. Spearheaded by our dentist Dr. Richard Bucher, our practice covers everything from routine check-ups to dazzling cosmetic procedures. Whether you need a routine cleaning or want to enhance your smile with advanced treatments, our team’s mission is to give you a healthy, radiant smile that you’re proud to show off.

Preventive Dentistry in Wanaque

Preventive dental visits are the key to a long-lasting vibrant smile.

Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

Routine check-ups and cleanings are your first line of defense against cavities and gum disease. With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we catch issues before they become big problems. It’s about more than just cleaning—it’s about safeguarding your smile for years to come​.

Protective Dental Sealants

Shield your teeth from decay with our dental sealants. This painless procedure involves coating the chewing surfaces of your back teeth—the prime spots for cavities. Quick, easy, and perfect for kids and adults alike​.

Periodontal Maintenance for Gum Health

Healthy gums are the cornerstone of a healthy smile. Our periodontal maintenance services, including scaling and root planing, combat gum disease and keep your gums in peak condition. Personalized care and ongoing support means your gums stay healthy and strong​.

Restorative Dentistry Services

When life happens to your teeth, we’re here to fix it. Our restorative dentistry services repair and rejuvenate your dental health with precision and care.

Dental Bridges and Crowns

Restore functionality and aesthetics with our dental crowns and bridges. Crafted from the latest materials, these restorations look natural and are built to last, seamlessly blending with your existing teeth​.

Dental Fillings

Say goodbye to cavities with our top-tier dental fillings. We use high-quality materials that blend in with your natural teeth, preserving tooth structure and maintaining your smile’s integrity​.

Dental implants procedure illustrated with high precision tools and a 3D dental implant model showcasing the stages of implantation in a dentist's office in Oakland, NJ –– highlighting advanced dentistry techniques for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants and Dentures

Restore your confidence with our cosmetic dentistry services in Wanaque, NJ. We use cutting-edge techniques and top-notch materials to deliver stunning, natural-looking results.

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Brighter Smile

Our cosmetic dentistry services are tailored to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile, using advanced techniques and materials to deliver results that look great, feel natural, and boost your confidence.

CEREC One-Day Crowns

Transform your smile in a single visit with CEREC one-day crowns. Using digital impressions, we design and fit a crown that matches your tooth’s shape and color perfectly. Quick, convenient, and high quality​​.

Dental Bonding and Veneers

Fix chips, gaps, and stains with dental bonding or veneers. Bonding uses tooth-colored resin to perfect your smile, while veneers provide a thin, custom-made shell to enhance your teeth’s front surface​​.

dental-prosthesis-prosthetist-working-with-equipment-dental-clinic (1)

Invisalign and Teeth Whitening Solutions

Straighten your teeth discreetly with Invisalign or brighten your smile with our professional teeth whitening services. Invisalign aligners are clear, comfortable, and effective, while our whitening treatments can dramatically lift your smile’s brightness​​.

Advanced Technology and Patient Comfort

At Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, patient comfort is our top priority. We use the latest laser dentistry technology to make your dental visits as pleasant as possible. Laser treatments reduce the need for traditional anesthetics, making for a more comfortable, anxiety-free experience​​.

Cutting-Edge DEKA CO2 Laser Therapy

A highlight of our specialized services is the DEKA CO2 Laser Therapy. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant advancement in dental treatments, offering a minimally invasive alternative to traditional procedures. 

The DEKA CO2 laser is used for various treatments, including soft tissue procedures and lesion removal. Its precision and efficiency result in less discomfort and quicker healing times, making it an ideal choice for patients seeking the latest dental care technology.

Family and Pediatric Dentistry

From the first pediatric visit to routine adult care, our team is skilled in addressing the dental needs of children and adults alike, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for all family members.

Solea Laser Dentistry: A Pain-Free Experience

Solea Laser Dentistry is another innovative service we provide, known for its pain-free approach to dental procedures. The Solea laser is fast, precise, and remarkably quiet, making dental visits more comfortable and anxiety-free, especially for patients apprehensive about traditional dental tools.

Meet Dr. Richard Bucher

Dr. Richard Bucher is a trailblazer in laser dentistry, bringing cutting-edge techniques to New Jersey. With decades of experience, Dr. Bucher combines expertise and compassion, creating a welcoming environment where patients feel like family​​.

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