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Family Dentist NJ

Dental Care for the Whole Family in North New Jersey

Family Dentistry New Jersey
In addition to our cosmetic dentistry practice, Laser Dentistry of North Jersey is pleased to offer comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Our general dentistry practice in New Jersey encourages patients of all ages to visit us for regular oral exams and cleanings. A dedicated father and family man, Dr. Richard L. Bucher extends his warm and compassionate demeanor to adults and children alike. His devotion to individualized care helps to reduce the stress and intimidation that are often associated with trips to the dentist. Indeed, your entire family may find themselves surprised at how pleasant and relaxing the dental experience can be. Dr. Richard Bucher welcomes families at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey. If you are looking for a family dentist who is gentle, experienced, and qualified, please contact Laser Dentistry of North Jersey today to schedule a consultation.

Preventative Care and General Dentistry in Northern New Jersey

The best treatment for tooth and gum problems is to prevent them before they start. Sensible oral hygiene habits – including twice-daily brushings and regular flossing – are necessary, but are not enough by themselves. Regular oral examinations and professional cleanings are essential to maintaining the health of your mouth. As part of our general dentistry practice in New Jersey, we emphasize comprehensive dental treatments, including fluoride treatments, professional breath control, and periodontal care. Parents are encouraged to schedule regular appointments for their children. By doing so, Dr. Richard Bucher can help to increase the chances that their teeth will remain healthy, functional, and beautiful for the rest of their lives. At our general dentistry practice in New Jersey, we are here to help you and your entire family achieve and maintain the best oral health possible. If you would like to schedule a comprehensive exam or cleaning, please contact Laser Dentistry of North Jersey today.

Children’s Dentistry at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey

Family Dentistry New JerseyAlthough children and adults certainly have different needs and priorities, they share in common the desire to be treated with respect. Dr. Richard Bucher and his staff understand this, which is why they have had a consistent record of success and customer satisfaction among patients of all ages. They are able to make the dental experience comfortable, relaxing, and even entertaining for children while treating their oral health with utmost seriousness and professionalism. At Laser Dentistry of North Jersey, our goal is to make the dental experience more enjoyable for everyone in your family.

TMJ (Bite Splints)

A strong, healthy jaw is the basis for a healthy smile. Thousands of Americans, however, suffer from temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, dysfunction. TMJ dysfunction is usually caused either by excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth or by poor bite alignment, and is often the source of intense, constant pain. One of the most effective ways to treat this problem is to wear a bite splint, a specially fitted appliance that prevents your teeth from touching one another. This relaxes the jaw muscles and can help to restore comfort and ease to chewing, swallowing, and speaking. It can also help to reduce persistent earaches and headaches. If you suffer from TMJ dysfunction and are seeking relief for your condition, please contact Laser Dentistry of North Jersey today.

Intraoral Photography

Laser Dentistry of North Jersey is pleased to feature the innovative intraoral camera in our office. The intraoral camera allows Dr. Bucher to examine precise, detailed, and immediate digital images of the inside of your mouth on a computer screen. This makes it easier for him to diagnose and treat tooth and gum problems in their earliest stages. In addition, because these images are easier to decipher than was possible in the past, Dr. Bucher can educate you in more comprehensible detail about any problems you may have or treatments you will undergo. This extraordinary piece of equipment will help to make your experience at Laser Dentistry of North Jersey even more convenient and comfortable. Dr. Richard L. Bucher invites you and your family to rely on Laser Dentistry of North Jersey for all your general dentistry needs. Please contact our office in Oakland, New Jersey, to schedule a consultation today. We would love to hear from you.

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