Repairing and Replacing Porcelain Veneers

Most people will agree that porcelain veneers are one of the best dental innovations in recent years. When done correctly, the treatment can give you a whiter, brighter, natural-looking smile that you will enjoy for years to come. When done incorrectly, though, you could be left with more than you bargained for. Let’s talk about the typical lifespan of porcelain veneers, what to do if a problem comes up, and what causes them to fail in the first place.

How Long Should My Veneers Last?

One of the best qualities of porcelain veneers is how low maintenance they are. Usually, they remain brilliant and lustrous with just basic brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups. With these good habits, Oakland patients can expect veneers can last between five and ten years – or longer.

Skillfully placed porcelain veneers have a low chance of chipping, but it can happen. The bad news is that unlike composite veneers, which can be repaired, porcelain veneers that chip or break usually need to be completely replaced. If this happens, you should call your cosmetic dentist – or our office – as soon as possible to prevent damage to your underlying natural tooth.

Why Can’t My Veneer Be Fixed?

If your veneer chips and you have the piece that broke off, some dentists might suggest re-attaching the piece with a translucent bonding agent. However, this treatment could result in unsightly staining along the repair line, as well as weakness that could lead to another breakage. For the best result, replacement of the entire veneer is often recommended.

What Can Damage My Veneers?

Chips, breaks, and other defects in porcelain veneers tend to be rare. When problems do arise, it can usually be attributed to one of two causes – either bad habits (like biting your nails or chewing on ice) or bad dental care.

Bonding porcelain to teeth is a highly technical procedure, and unfortunately, dentists in your neighborhood may be offering this service without the right qualifications. A poorly trained, inexperienced dentist may not know how to properly prepare the tooth, thoroughly bond the veneer, or assess occlusion (bite) issues. They might also misalign the veneers (giving you tilted teeth), leave excess bonding resin that can irritate your gums, or fail to give you the ideal color or size veneer for your unique mouth and face.

Having practiced dentistry in New Jersey for the past 20 years, Dr. Bucher has seen patients suffering these effects of poor dental care. If your veneers have chipped or dislodged, or you are simply unhappy with the way they turned out, our practice would be happy to provide a solution. We offer early morning and evening appointments, as well as 24-hour emergency coverage.

Learn More about Porcelain Veneers

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